Why Do Different Countries Have Different Gambling Laws and Regulations?

When it comes to online and land-based gambling activities, different countries have different sets of laws and regulations, supervised and governed by specific jurisdiction authorities. If you live in a country where most types of gambling activities are not banned, consider yourself lucky if you love spending time on such activities, because there are various countries where not many activities are allowed to the gamblers. 

Whereas, people who live in regions with a stern or confusing gambling laws usually find themselves questioning about the restriction on gambling. There are some countries where traditional casino gambling is allowed under a strict licensing framework but has prohibited online gambling, while other countries have banned all sorts of gambling and declared illegal activities. 

However, the question remains, why do countries follow different laws and regulations concerning gambling?

Legalization is a complex matter that’s why it is quite difficult to provide a concrete answer. The countries’ governments and jurisdictions make decisions based on the advice and proof they are provided with and hence they will have to work upon them accordingly in the favor of public welfare and protection. However, some countries strictly believe that gambling is harmful since its addiction can have worst effects, while other countries see it as an effective contribution to the national economy and consider it a safe pursuit when approached responsibly. 

Analysis and Comparison of International Gambling Policies 

It is practically impossible to explain the decision taken by individual countries across the world regarding the gambling policy. When we speak in simple terms about the matter, the entire thing depends on the viewpoints and personal opinions which varies extremely from one authority to another. Therefore, there is a simple scenario of acknowledging different gambling policies in different countries. Mentioned below is the overview of the existing gambling policies for the major territories globally. 

Gambling Scenario in Europe 

Generally, Europe has some of the most relaxing and flexible policies on gambling in the world. Europe’s largest gambling markets currently are Spain, Germany, and the UK. These European nations boast hundreds of traditional land-based casinos along with hundreds of online casinos.  

Besides these three biggest gambling markets, Europe also comprises several booming markets from different countries where all types of gambling activities are legal. These booming European markets include Greece, Finland, Bulgaria, Croatia, Norway, Netherlands, Albania, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Hungary, Ireland, Portugal, Serbia, Romania, Italy, and Sweden. Whereas contrasting to these markets, France has still excluded from the list where gambling is seen illegal. 

Also, there are certain European countries where traditional gambling (Land-based Casinos) is legal, but gambling at online platforms is still prohibited. These European countries include Poland, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Russia and Ukraine. 

Gambling Scenario in the USA 

The USA belongs to the territory where gambling laws and regulations remain chaotic and confusing. The reason behind the confusion is that Federal gambling is relatively relaxed, and each state is allowed to impose its localized gambling policy and legislation. 

For instance, the states of the nation including Delaware, Illinois, New Jersey, New York and Nevada have allowed online gambling. Whereas, a player can be in trouble if he or she participates in online gambling activities even if they are at an arm’s distance from any of these states where online gambling is legal. 

The same scenario transpires at the North of the border. The players can be allowed and encouraged for involvement in online gambling activities depending on the province they are residing in; or these activities will be banned entirely, there is no in-between. In the former case scenario where gambling is permitted, some aggregation sites can be a useful tool to find the top online casinos and to enhance the gaming experience. 

Move to the South and the governments of Chile and Brazil are not very supportive about gambling. Though they are not specifically strict about those who do not follow the rules. Well, in both countries there is a large fanbase of gambling. So, it’s not surprising that the governments of these countries come up with new policies on gambling in the coming years. 

Gambling Scenario in Africa 

Africa comprises 54 different countries of which each one creates and implements its unique gambling laws. Till present more than 30 African countries have permitted gambling in all forms. Some of these countries are Kenya, Botswana, Ghana, Morocco, Namibia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Uganda, Cameron, Egypt and more. South Africa alone is home to over 40 land-based casinos, alongside is becoming a growing market for online casinos. 

According to research in Kenya, one in every three people is involved in online gambling from their mobile phone. Over the coming years, the online gambling market across the entire continent is expected to grow in value and size by 150%. 

Gambling Scenario in Australia 

Love for pokies (slot machines) is renowned worldwide. Today, you won’t find a casino without slot machines and video poker machines. And the online versions of these games became equally popular. But the thing became a bit complex in 2017 when new regulations on online casinos were introduced. 

Today it is not as easy to involve in legal online gambling in the country. However, the players are allowed to play online casino establishments based outside Australia. 

In New Zealand, there is a compact occurrence of only six land-based casinos. Whereas policies on online gambling remains a skeptical matter. Though, the citizens can play online casino games at the establishments based outside the country. 

Gambling Scenario in India 

Traditional gambling or betting is illegal in most parts of India. Only three Indian states allow the operations of offline/land-based gambling – Sikkim, Goa, and Daman. However, the government of the country has not formed any strict law against online gambling that declares these activities as illegal. Moreover, Indian law does not consist of any provisions against online gambling. 

Gambling Scenario in the Middle East 

When it comes to Islamic countries any sort of gambling is not allowed due to religious reasons. So, it’s unlikely to find any form of gambling activities in countries like UAE, Bangladesh, Kuwait, Pakistan, Qatar, and Brunei. 

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