Cashback Bonus


Cashback Bonus

Just imagine how exciting it will be to receive a certain amount or credits in return even when you lose the money. It’s not a joke but the most impressive reality. Top online casinos in Canada are now offering cashback bonus to all players when they lose. Even though you may find the long list of online casino bonuses and promotions offering certain money to play more games, none of them will reward you money back when you lose like the cashback bonus. This is one of the most special online gambling bonuses that has its own pros and becoming the preferred choice of the number of gamblers in Canada. 

What Is A Cashback Bonus?

The online cashback casino bonuses have always been on the rise in terms of popularity. Why? It is a bonus offered by online casinos as a certain percentage of player’s losses back to them. This is an excellent way you can insure your online gambling losses. But, keep in mind that it will be available to you only when you lose the money. 

Types Of Cashback Bonus

Generally, there are no major types of cashback bonuses. The only difference you will find will be their varying terms and conditions. But sometimes these bonuses are limited to be used with particular games. Some casinos offer this promotion as a weekly cashback offer. They treat their loyal players with investments in the form of some percentage of deposits back rather than offering some free spins. But, to claim this bonus, you may have to enter the specific bonus code. Alongside these platforms, you may also find such casinos that don’t need any codes to reveal the bonus. Even you don’t have to wait for a particular day of the week. 

How Do Casino Cashback Bonus Works In Canada?

Cashback bonuses from Canada online casinos are offered as compensation for losing the money during gameplay. These are typically given on a monthly basis, but some of the gambling sites credit players’ accounts with this offer based on the losses from a particular day or a week. Hence, you can turn your unlucky day or a week into a good day or a week with this amazing offer. It is basically a way online casinos want their customers to play for a prolonged time and offer them some extra chances for winning. The percentage of cashback plans and programs is set between 5% and 25%. 

How Could You Benefit From Cashback Bonus?

Cashback casino bonuses with immense simplicity are so attractive among gamblers in Canada. Players spend, play, and lose money, but they will rest assured that they will get a percentage of their money returned. It provides a sure-fire bonus to top up the bankroll. Besides these, there are so many reasons to accept the cashback bonus while playing games at Canadian online casinos. Some of them are listed below –  

  1. No wagering requirement (very low wagering requirement in any rare cases).
  2. Gives chance to play for a prolonged period.
  3. Highly beneficial for new and regular players.
  4. Many reliable Canadian gambling platforms offer this bonus in the Canadian dollar.
  5. It can be obtained via live dealer games such as live pokers. 
  6. The offer can be claimed on desktops, computers, tablets, smartphones, and all devices.
  7. No matter how much you lose, you’ll surely have something at the end of the day with cashback offer.

Whether or not you should claim any bonus is all up to you. But, we will surely recommend you to opt-in for this remarkable offer as you can try to beat the odds next week with this backup. 

No Wagering Requirements

One of the most advantageous factors that make cashback bonuses different and more beneficial than others is the absence of wagering requirements. You will be glad to know that online casino cashback offers in Canada are free of strict wagering requirements. If you think from a logical perspective, players have already fulfilled these requirements by losing the money during a gaming session. So, if you have come across any online casino that charges wagering or playthrough requirements on a cashback bonus, it would not be a fair gambling platform. Hence, don’t forget to read the terms and conditions if you want to benefit from this type of gambling insurance.  

Things To Consider When You Choose A Cashback Bonus

Just like all other online casino bonuses and promotions, cashback offer also features certain terms and conditions (T&Cs). It is recommended to carefully read the following T&Cs when you are selecting a cashback bonus – 

Games Available

Not all the games count towards a cashback bonus. So, before claiming the offer, determine which game is available to receive this promotion. Generally, blackjack is excluded from these gambling deals. 


As already discussed above, cashback offers may be given on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Hence, decide which of these frequencies will best suit your needs. If you used to play daily, then you must prefer a daily cashback deal to cover your losses every day and play smoothly.  


Every online casino offers a certain percentage of the player’s losing amount and this percentage varies for each casino. Even some of the gambling platforms provide a 100% cashback. While you may also find the sites offering a very low percentage. So, pick the site offering the maximum refund with flexible terms and conditions. 

Wagering Requirement

Bonuses with harsh wagering requirements are not easier to claim as it takes out most of the received and deposited money to satisfy these requirements. It would really be highly interesting to receive the promotion without wagering requirements. And, this is where you can count cashback bonus at Canada online casino. The reliable gambling platforms do not put wagering requirements on these bonus funds. 

Top Canada Online Casinos To Get The Best Cashback Bonus

We all love feeling lucky while playing the games or placing bets on online gambling platforms. The fun and excitement will reach to the next level when you’ll get back the money in any form. To give you the upper hand with the best cashback bonuses, we have prepared a list of our most recommended online casinos in Canada bringing you the exclusive deal of this offer. 

Casino Ratings Payout
LeoVegas 5 95.63%
Spin Palace 4.9 98%
Casumo 4.7 99.5%


All of these casino sites give their players the complete freedom to claim multiple bonuses and promotions while playing games. We have reviewed and tested these platforms based on numerous standard parameters to ensure the 100% safe, secure, interesting, fair, and hassle-free gaming experience of all players.

Difference Between Welcome Bonus & Cashback Bonus

Most people get confused between welcome bonus and cashback bonus especially when gambling sites offer a multi-tiered welcome bonus with a low cashback. However, you can opt-in both of these bonuses, there are some wagering requirements that you have to meet before you can withdraw any deposit bonus winnings. In opposed to this, a cashback bonus comes with zero wagering requirements. The actual cashback offer will be credited only when you lose quite some money. A welcome bonus, on the other hand, is rewarded right just after signing up an account and making the first deposit of qualifying amount or more.    

Canada Casino Cashback Bonus FAQs

Q1. What are cashback casino bonuses?

Ans. It is what online casinos offer their players as a percentage of their losses back in terms of real cash or credits. The amount of this bonus is calculated based on the losses made on particular deposits or during the predefined period.

Q2. Do all casinos offer cashback bonuses?

Ans. No, it is not guaranteed that all online casinos will offer this bonus because it takes out a certain part of the casino’s profit. So, it is suggested to access the list of available bonuses and promotions before registering a real money account and making a deposit.

Q3. Are there any disadvantages to cashback bonuses?

Ans. On one side where the cashback bonus acts as a boon for the losing players, it has a few disadvantages on the other side. The major cons include restriction of this bonus in some games, encourage players to gamble with more money despite the loss, and missing out on deposits. 

Q4. How do I claim a cashback bonus?

Ans. The process of claiming cashback bonus varies based on the casino. Some sites may credit the amount automatically and immediately into the player’s account. However, some platforms will require users to enter the specific bonus code to receive the cashback offer. It would surely be a good idea if you contact the customer support representatives if you have any doubts regarding claiming this bonus.

Q5. Can I claim cashback bonuses on mobile?

Ans. Yes, you can claim a cashback bonus on mobile devices if the casino you have selected features a mobile version or has a compatible mobile app.
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