Video Poker

Video poker is the most popular casino game in Canada because it is easy to play and offers lots of fun. It is played against the casino and around the table. Hence, you don’t need to perform deep research on the game rules and do not worry about playing against other players. Even more, it does not require competition with other competitors or tournaments. With so many valuable advantages, it is worth to play casino game online.

What Is Video Poker?

Online video poker is a popular casino game based on the 5-card draw poker. It is much similar to slot machines. What makes video poker different from online slots is the additional element of skill. It is a much more exciting game to play as it features the perfect blend of gambling, skill, and strategy. 

Mainly, there are 2 types of video poker – regular and multi-hand. Regular video poker games such as Double Bonus Poker have just one hand. Multi-hand video pokers, on the other hand, allow players to bet on multiple hands at the same time. For example, Deuces Wild.


Although there is no clear statement regarding its origin, there are some interesting facts about video poker history. Some people believe it to be originated from the “As Nas” game in Persia in the 16th century. However, New Orleans based French men learned this game from Persian sailors. 

The Sittman and Pitt Company invented the poker machine with 5 reels or drums in 1891. In 1898, Charles Fey launched a “Card Bell” poker machine that pays up to 20 coins for a royal flush. In 1901, Fey invented the “Skill Draw” poker machine with a hold feature. Players can hold a single or more card and re-spin to improve his/her hand. It was called as the first five-card draw poker machine. Then, in 1970, “Poker-Matic” the first video poker machine of the world was launched by Dale Electronics. After that, many new variants are brought by industry-leading providers with unique characteristics.      

Video Poker Terminology

Many different terms and phrases are associated with video poker online games. Understanding them is extremely advantageous to know what specific terminology means and how you have to use it. Some of the most important and commonly used video poker terms are given below with their explanation. 

Hand – Five or fewer cards dealt on the screen is termed as a hand. 

Wild – Wild cards can be used in the form of any other cards to create the winning combinations. For example, in the Joker Poker game, the joker is a wild card. 

Draw – Cards dealt the second time once players decided which card to hold and which one to discard. 

Flush – A five-card hand that has cards of the same suit. 

Discard – Cards selected by players to throw after the first deal.  

Low Pay & Full Pay – Low pay video poker games reduce RTP percentage and improve the house edge. Full pay is the highest paying poker variant that increases the RTP percentage. 

Multiple-Play – An amazing feature that facilitates gamers to play with more than one hand. 

Gamble – In this feature, a player can play for double or nothing on the winning hands through a low or high card-guessing game. 

Minimum Paying Hands – All video poker games have different minimum hands that offer a payout to players. For example, while playing Jacks or Better, a player has to make a pair of cards as jacks or better to have a great win. 

Hold and Auto Hold – In this feature, a game will suggest which cards a player should keep along with him or her. 

Power Poker – Theoretically, this is the most useful and rewarding video poker strategy. 

Level Up – It gives players more of a long-term objective and helps in creating combinations of winning hands at different levels of the gameplay with excellent payout. For example, Spin Palace has many level-up pokers such as Deuces Wild Level Up.

Game Denomination – The coin size or the value of cards is most often referred to as the game denomination.  

These terms are commonly used while playing video poker online. However, you may find many more phrases. It includes aces and eights, aces full, action, coin, credit, face card, full house, four of a kind, hand, house edge, inside straight, odds, outside straight, paytable, payback percentage, quads, rank, and more. To get the most of gameplay, it is worth learning video poker terminologies.  

How To Play Video Poker Online?

Playing video poker online is not too complex. If you’re wondering how to play video poker games in Canada, then stop worrying now and start playing the game for fun or real money as per your wish. Here, we have lined up the step-by-step guide of playing this game. 

  1. Sign up with the top online casino in Canada and login with valid details. 
  2. Visit the game section of a selected site.
  3. Pick or find the video poker game you want to play.
  4. You will get 2 options – play for real money or free.
  5. If you want to play for free, then simply start playing right away.
  6. Select your coin value and number of coins you want to bet.
  7. In the first round, players will be dealt 2 pocket or hole cards.
  8. In the second round, players will be given board cards or 3 community cards. 
  9. The first active player sitting on the left side of a dealer starts the betting process. 
  10. When a player sitting by the dealer’s left starts the game, 4th face-up card will be dealt to participants. 
  11. In the last round, a community card will be given. 

While playing the game, you can select which card you wish to hold and which ones to discard to make the winning poker hand. An un-held card will be substituted for the new cards once you choose to draw. A winner who makes the winning hand is paid according to the paytable.  

Rank Of Poker Hands

Payoffs in the video poker game are provided based on the five-card poker hands. These hands are ranked as the following –

Royal Flush – Ace, 10, king, jack, queen

Straight Flush – 5 cards (consecutive) of one suit

Four of a kind – 4 cards of the same position 

Full house – 3 cards of the similar rank and 2 cards of another rank

Flush – 5 cards of the same suit 

Straight – 5 consecutive cards of the mixed suits

Three of a kind – 3 cards of one and the same rank 

Two pair – 2 cards of the same rank and 2 cards of another rank 

Pair of jacks or better – 2 queens, aces, kings, or jacks

Video Poker Variations

Just like all other casino game types, video poker games are also available in different variations. Each of the variants has its own payout structures, rules, and special jackpots. Let’s give a look at some of the most popular video poker variants famous among Canadian casino players –

Joker’s Wild

In this game, joker serves as a wild card and can replace any other cards to make the stronger hands for winning combinations. This extra card adds a winning hand in 5-of-a-kind.  

Jacks Or Better

This poker variant has a pair of jacks as the minimum winning hand. Jacks or Better is a low-risk game where you will win or lose less than other games. 

Double Bonus

This is the fast-paced version of Jacks of Better having pair of jacks as the minimum winning hand with 1:1 payout. It offers the maximum theoretical return of 100.2%. Two pair pays 1:1. 

Tens or Better

It is a variant of Jacks or Better and has a pair of tens as the minimum paying hand. 

Double Double Bonus

This is another variant of Jacks or Better offering bonus payoffs for multiple four of kinds. The full-pay version of this poker game can be found with pay schedules providing a theoretical return of up to 100.1% when played with a solid strategy. 

Bonus Poker

Based on the Jacks or Better, this poker variant offers a higher payout percentage of four of a kind. However, its full-pay version returns 99.2%. This variant has further many versions, each offering different bonus payouts based on the position of the four of a kind.  

Progressive Jackpot Games

Any video poker can have a progressive jackpot that adds extra of each stake towards the special prize that constantly gets bigger until it is won. 

Deuces Wild

This poker variant has deuces as wild. So, you can use it as any card required to make the best possible winning hand. Since it has wild cards, the payout is comparatively less. 

Mobile Video Poker

Playing video poker on mobile devices is much easier for Canadian players as it supports compatibility with various tablets or smartphones. You can quickly fire up a game no matter wherever you are. Mobile video poker games can be played in two ways. Some online casinos offer special downloadable apps for Android and iOS devices. Most of the Canadian casino sites make video poker games accessible through a mobile device’s browser. 

Bonuses in Video Poker

Do you know that playing video poker can reward you with an awesome bonus? Yes, you have heard right. A bonus in this game can be received right at the beginning as a poker welcome bonus or within a round. You will receive a welcome bonus poker after you make the first deposit into a new casino account. The match bonus can be double or twice the initial deposit amount depending on where you are playing. 

Promotions rewarded amidst the round are more beneficial as they usually offer the double amount of the prize. You can win everything just by pulling one good card. These regular promotions can be unlocked at different levels of the game. Some of them include multiplication of a prize size or wild cards.  

Tips & Strategy

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, video poker strategy is worth learning to play the game effectively and smoothly. 

  1. Remember that the higher the card ranking, the higher will be the score. 
  2. Do not reject the good cards when they turn up in your hand at the start. It helps in getting more promising hands such as straight or flush. Holding good cards improves the possibility to reach some types of winning hand. 
  3. Once all the cards are dealt, decide whether to replace some or all of the cards. Hit the “hold” button over the card you want to keep along with you. The remaining cards will be drawn again. 
  4. Always remember that a winning hand will need more specific cards in the wild card games. Hence, its influence is leveled by the requirement for a prize-stealing hand. 
  5. After selecting the cards you want to keep, click on the “draw” button to determine the final selection and decide if you have hit the big. 
  6. Never start playing a game with multi-hand varieties, especially if you are a novice. Begin with one-hand to better understand the game, rules, strategies, and master the required skills. 
  7. Play video poker just as an entertaining game instead of considering it as a source of income. If you are playing it for making money, then set your limit with the amount you are willing to spend and can easily afford to lose. Stop the game immediately when you get out of your hands.  

Study the video poker strategy charts carefully for the variant you want to play to learn the most rewarding play.  

Would you like to experience the awesome feeling of playing video poker online? Pick any of our recommended sites, register an account, and start playing your preferred game while having delicious dinner at your favorite restaurant or resting at your home. Best of luck to have great fun and win big!


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