When it comes to the best card-based casino games, one could not forget online craps, which today becomes the player’s favorite choice. It is a basic casino table game that is quite easy to learn, play, and master. You might be wondering that all of the casino games available to play online are believed to be a player’s preferred option for simplicity and ease of play. So, what is so special about craps online game? 

In this online craps guide, we will cover every basic thing that you must know about making the best craps move and playing it successfully for effective gameplay and pleasurable gaming experience.

What Is Online Craps?

Online craps is a thrilling and fast-paced dice game where players have the option to place multiple wagers at the table. Players have to bet on the outcome of single or multiple rolls of a pair of dice. They have to guess if the roll of two dice will create the winning combination. Made up of two game stages, craps can be played for fun and real money. A 7 or 11 number will be considered a winning throw, while a 2, 3, or 12 are counted as losing throw. The appearance of the remaining numbers shows that a player has another throw. 


Craps that we all play today has a very interesting history. Its origin dates back to as far as the 14th century or the time of the Crusades. Initially, it was evolved from an English dice game – “Hazard” and played by old English gamblers. The game then brought to France during the middle ages, where it was played by street gamblers. French players renamed it as “Crapaud”. Its popularity increases with a huge difference during the II World War. The modern history of this game began in the 19th century. With the development of technology, more possibilities arose and the game’s popularity grown all over the world.     

How To Play Craps Online In Canada?

If you are a beginner, the craps rules may seem a little complicated to you at first glance, but it becomes pretty simple when you properly understood them. It is played with 2 dice and started with Come Out roll. A player (shooter) has to throw 2 dice. The remaining participants around the table have to predict and bet on the number that will show two dice. Before the come-out throw, players have to place the wagers on the Pass Line or the Don’t Pass Line Bet. The Pass Line bet wins if the thrown dice show 7 or 11 in total. However, it turns into a “point” if another number comes on the table. In the Don’t Pass Line bet, a player will lose if thrown dice shows 7 or 11, while it wins if 2 or 3 shows in sum. If it shows 12, it will be considered as “push” or “standoff” which will pay back wager to your bankroll.   

Types Of Craps Bets

Just like roulette, the game of online craps also features different types of bets. Understanding how these bets work is highly important to maximize winning chances. Here, we have described different types of bets available for online craps players – 

Pass Line Bet 

A bet made by placing the chips on the area marked as “Pass Line” on the table. To win the bet, a player has to throw a 7 or 11. It has a 1.41% house edge. 

Don’t Pass Line Bet

This is just the reverse of Pass Line Bet as it is made by placing the chips on the area marked as “Don’t Pass Line” on the table. It has a 1.36% house edge.  

Come Bet

It is made by placing the chips on the area marked as “come” on the table. To win, a player has to throw 7 or 11. It has a house edge of 1.41%.  

Don’t Come Bet

It is opposite to Come bet and similar to the Don’t Pass Line bet. To win, a shooter has to land 2 or 3. It has a house edge of 1.36%. 

Field Bet

A one-roll bet placed on the outcome of the next roll. It has a 5.56% – 2.78% house edge. 

Buy & Lay Bet

It is similar to Place bet except that it has a different payout structure and requires a 5% commission. A player will win the Buy bet (placed on 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10) if any selected number appears before 7. Lay bet is the reverse of Buy bet. 

Place Bet

A bet placed on rolling the preferred number before 7 is rolled. It has a 1.52% house edge on 6 and 8, 4% on 5 and 9, 6.67% on 4 and 10. 

Proposition Bet

Single roll bets revolving around the shooter’s next move are called proposition nets. These are of different types and can be placed at any stage. Any Seven, Ace Deuce, Any Craps/Three Way, Boxcars, Horn, and Snake Eyes/Aces are the most popular proposition bets. 

Big 6 or Big 8 Bet

Just like proposition bets, these can also be placed at any stage of the game. A player bets that one or two of these numbers will be rolled before 7. It has a house edge of 6.67%. 

Online Craps Payouts (Odds)

Understanding the odds is essential to determine the winning potential of the bet you place. Online craps are widely popular and intriguing games in online casinos for offering high payouts and low house edge (house advantage). 

Most of the bet types have different odds. In this table, we have enlisted the payout of various online craps bets. 

Bet Type Odds Paid
Don’t Pass and Don’t Come  1:1
Don’t Pass and Don’t Come (4, 10) 2:3
Don’t Pass and Don’t Come (5, 9) 3:2
Don’t Pass and Don’t Come (6, 8) 5:6
Pass and Come 1:1
Pass and Come (4, 10) 2:1
Pass and Come (5, 9) 3:2
Pass and Come (6, 8) 6:5
Place Bets (4, 10) 9:5
Place Bets (5, 9) 7:5
Place Bets (6, 8) 7:6
Big 6 or 8 1:1
Any Craps 7:1


To ensure the enjoyable and rewarding gameplay, it is mostly recommended to find the bet type that keeps the right balance of odds and house edge. The excellent way to improve the winning odds is to follow a proven craps strategy that helps in avoiding the mistakes and boosting the potential.  

Different Variations

Traditionally, craps game can be found only in land-based casinos. But, today Canadian players can enjoy the gaming excitement and win real money in the comfort of their home by playing the game online. Different craps variations have been launched with numerous betting options, odds, twists, and rules in online casinos worldwide. Some of the best paying craps variations are as follows –

  1. Simplified Craps
  2. Crapless Craps (ruse craps/“never ever craps)
  3. Die Rich Craps
  4. High Point Craps
  5. New York Craps

Originally, these were available in just a few areas of the world. But, today these are available at the top real money online casinos in Canada. Before selecting any variant, get the best of its information such as how to play, what types of bets to place, and more. 

Tips & Strategy To Play And Win Craps Online

As we all know online craps, a luck-based game, have simple and easy to understand rules. There are some useful secrets and strategies that can help you in improving the winning chance. An effective online craps strategy requires an understanding of responsible gaming, house edge, bet types, odds, and more. Whether you are just a beginner or have been playing this dice-based game for a while, adopting the following tips and strategies can help you a lot when playing at online casinos in Canada

  • ✔ Understand the game rules, bet types, variants, house edge, payouts, and every basic thing before start playing craps online with real money. 
  • ✔ Set a limit you are willing to spend and comfortable to lose. Never spend your life savings no matter you’re winning every time because it is not guaranteed that you will never lose. 
  • ✔ Adopt a pass line betting strategy to reduce the losing chance and increase the winning potential. The shooter has to land 7 or 11 to win. You’ll lose the bet if the shooter gets 2, 3, or 12.  
  • ✔ Pass Line bets, Come bets, Don’t Pass, and Don’t Come are the best craps bet types because they have substantial odds paid and low house edge. 
  • ✔ Come betting strategy is similar to the Pass Line Bet strategy and provides an excellent chance of hitting. The bets are set after placing the point numbers. You’ll win if the shooter gets 7 or 11. If he or she gets 2, 3, or 12, you will lose the bet. 
  • ✔ Avoid Big 8 and Big 6 bets because they have comparatively a very high house edge. 
  • ✔ Some players adopt optimal strategy 100% for better payouts. It is based on the system that minimizes the house advantage through playing patterns. 
  • ✔ Field betting is the best online craps strategy for higher odds. You’ll win if a dice appears on either 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 or 12. 
  • ✔ Avoid the Hard 4 and the Hard 10 odds as they also have a high house edge. 
  • ✔ Don’t pass and don’t come bets strategy involves placing bets against the shooter. In the starting, most gamblers place wagers on the pass line, while you bet on the don’t pass bet. You’ll win if the shooter lands either 2, 3, or 12. 

Before adopting any strategy, practice them as a fair trial in short sessions before playing real money game over a long period. These strategies and tricks can help you throughout the game.     

Where To Play Craps Online In Canada?

If you wish to play craps online in Canada, then open an account at the reliable casino site. Selecting the best casino in Canada is one of the best ways to play a game of craps online. To choose the trusted one, there are so many factors that need to be taken into consideration. It includes payout percentage, clearly defined betting information, eCOGRA seal of approval, prompt customer support, verifiable licensing and regulation details on the site, payment methods, and currencies accepted. 

To help you with saving time and efforts, we have found the most recommended casinos widely popular among Canadian players. Jackpot City, Spin Palace, Royal Vegas, and Ruby Fortune are the top Canadian online craps casinos licensed and regulated by well-known authorities. In addition to the best online craps game, these sites offer an extensive range of other casino games to be played in a secure and fair environment. When it comes to the lucrative sign-up bonus, Jackpot City gains the attention for offering a total of up to C$1600 bonus on the first four deposits.    

Play Online Craps For Free Or Real Money On Any Device!

Online craps can be played for free and real money. There are so many online casinos in Canada allowing players to enjoy craps for fun and win cash at the same time. If you want to play for free, Jackpot City is highly recommended. Thanks to technological advancements that now one can play craps and other casino games from anywhere and at any time even on the go at mobile casinos. To enjoy craps on the mobile, you’ll require a mobile-responsive casino that can be accessed by the mobile browser or you can simply download the app on a compatible device. You’ll be glad to know that the mobile craps feature a demo version to practice. 


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