The cryptocurrency gambling is very popular on gaming sites across Canada. The cryptocurrency casinos Canada community is continuously increasing as it is becoming a popular deposit method for the increasing number of gamblers. Bitcoin Casino Canada will be the ultimate choice for online gamblers who highly value the security, privacy, and anonymity of transactions. In this Cryptocurrency review, you’ll take a look at what it is, how it works, what are the reasons you must consider using it, and where you can play casino games using this currency.  

What Is Cryptocurrency?

It is a digital or internet-based form of money that runs on a new monetary system, which is not regulated by any centralized authority or bank. It uses cryptographical functions to perform financial transactions. Cryptocurrency can be sent between 2 parties through private and public keys with minimal processing fees. Currently, different types of cryptocurrencies with various functions are often used. Each of them is supported by a “blockchain technology” – a decentralized and transparent peer-to-peer network.  

How Cryptocurrency Works?

The technical controls and source codes that secure cryptocurrencies are extremely complex. Like other currencies, this digital form also expresses value in units i.e. 2 Bitcoin, 3 Bitcoin, etc. To better understand how cryptocurrency works, it is important to get aware of the few basic concepts. 


Wallets with unique information confirm cryptocurrency users as the temporary owners of their units. It reduces the risk of theft for unused units. 


Transfer of money between 2 digital wallets are most often referred to as transaction, which gets submitted to a public ledger. An encrypted electronic signature (cryptographic signature) is used by wallets during the transaction processing. Mining confirms the processing of the transaction and adds them to the ledger.  


As mentioned in the above point, mining is the process that confirms transactions and includes them to the public ledger. Miners work as record-keepers and use technical methods to verify the preciseness, security, and completeness of the currency’s blockchains. An increasingly-complex computational problem needs to be solved to add transactions to the ledger.  

Private Keys

Cryptocurrency users have a private key that verifies their identity and permit them to exchange the units. These keys are formulated between 1 and 78 digits long whole numbers. Each cryptocurrency holder can create their own private keys using a random number generator. 

Public Ledgers

Transactions from the beginning of a cryptocurrency’s creation are stored in a public ledger. It makes sure that corresponding “digital wallets” can compute the correct spendable balance.

Advantages of Cryptocurrency Casinos Canada

For those Canadian gamblers who wish to use cryptocurrency for financial transactions in online casinos, there are plenty of advantages. Some of them are defined below – 

  1. No or reduced taxation
  2. Very low charges for the processing of cryptocurrencies
  3. High level of security 
  4. Nominal or no transaction fee 
  5. High degree of anonymity in online gaming
  6. The house edge is a little bit lower for online Bitcoin gambling than other options.  
  7. No unauthorized person can seize your transaction or take your money from Bitcoin wallet 
  8. Secured integrity of the system and currency value 
  9. Instant deposits and comparatively fast withdrawals 
  10. No postcodes, email addresses, or telephone numbers need to be disclosed 

Concluding these points, cryptocurrency allows completely safe, instant, and private deposits and withdrawals without being exposed to the bank or centralized authority.

Is It Possible To Play Canada Online Casino Games Using Cryptocurrency?

Canadian people are allowed to use cryptocurrencies to purchase goods and services, and at licensed casino sites accepting these digital currencies. However, it is not a legal tender in the country, it can be used as a decentralized currency. Bitcoin is one of the extremely popular crypto payment methods at online gambling sites. It’s now possible to play roulette, blackjack, slots, baccarat, and other types of casino games while using Bitcoin as the preferred deposit currency. 

Bitcoin casinos in Canada can transfer cryptocurrencies without 3rd parties. These web-based gaming platforms offer a fair and secure gaming experience with total transparency over the results. Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, and LiteCoin are other popular cryptocurrencies accepted at Canada online casinos.  

How To Make Online Casino Deposit And Withdrawal Using A Bitcoin Wallet?

Depositing funds using a BTC wallet is as simple as other traditional deposit methods. For this, the very first step you have to follow is to choose a Canadian bitcoin casino site having a proper license. Then, set a real money account. If you don’t have a wallet, then create it for BTC. Once you own a BTC wallet, you can use it to make the deposits, play games, and earn bonuses. Deposit with a valid Bitcoin wallet will be processed instantly and the required amount will be instantaneously transferred to the registered casino account. You will have to follow the same steps for withdrawal as you use for depositing the money.  

Top Cryptocurrency Casino Canada Online

Even though the popularity and demand of cryptocurrency casino Canada are increasing rapidly, there are relatively a few of the sites that accept this digital form of currency. Bitstarz is an awarded Bitcoin casino that offers an amazing welcome bonus in Bitcoin (BTC) – $500 or 5 BTC on the first 4 deposits. It is the first BTC casino to play with Bitcoin and Euro. High-quality games such as Baccarat, Roulette, Video Poker, and lots more can be played in a secure and fair environment. You can even access the latest Bitcoin casino news to stay updated. Withdrawals will be carried out quickly with an average withdrawal time frame of 10 minutes. Security is something that Bitstarz focuses the most. All types of information are protected by the advanced SSL encryption to ensure 24/7 security of funds, player’s data, and payments.     

As now you very well understand why the cryptocurrency is so popular in Canada online casinos, it is the right time to play your favorite game at the best bitcoin casino Canada.
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