The Fibonacci System in Baccarat

Table games are an inseparable part of a casino whether online or offline. And Baccarat, the game of chance is one of the most popular table games among the beginner as well as the trained players. This is an ancient game which dates back to the 15th century. The game has been played the gamblers for hundreds of years, but it became popular after its featuring in movies. Bond playing the game attracted millions of gamblers, who wanted to try their hand at this card game.

Though this is a chance-based game, some strategies can help the players make a hold of the game and control their gambling loss, in the last article we talked about, The Martingale Strategy in Baccarat. Now we are moving forward with the next betting system – The Fibonacci System.  

Before we proceed further, let us remind you that using these betting systems do not mean that you can change the odds of the game. But, wise usage you can help limit your losses in the game. Also, let’s not forget that there is always a fixed house edge of 1.06% involved in the game. 

Introduction to Fibonacci System in Baccarat

The Fibonacci Strategy is usually used to play a small stake in the game. Apart from Baccarat, this betting system can also be used in Roulette, which is another game of chance. Moreover, the system can be used in any gambling game consisting even bets. Unlike the Martingale strategy, this system does not require a high-bankroll. If this strategy is used by a player, he places the bet on a single unit and the progression starts only when the bet is lost. 

This betting system is liked by most baccarat players because of the simple fashion it follows to track the betting amount. Based on the less aggressive approach, it allows the bets to be increased in a manageable way. 

This strategy is based on the sequence of numbers which is known as the Fibonacci Sequence. Here is how the Fibonacci sequence follows – 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89 and so on, the sequence keeps going forward as required by the player. 

If you did not notice the pattern of the sequence, each number present in the sequence is the sum of two numbers before it – 2+1=3, 3+2=5, 8+5=13, 21+13= 34 and so on.

The Working Mechanism of The Fibonacci Baccarat Strategy

Now that you are aware of the strategy basics, let us move on to find more about the strategy mechanics. Each number in the Fibonacci sequence represents the units of bet you have to stake in the coming rounds. A unit demonstrates the betting amount that you need to place on stake, which must be set before placing the bet. So, when you are starting with the strategy, begin betting with 1 unit. According to the experts, the value of the betting unit you set should not represent more than 1% of your total bankroll amount.

In Case of Lost Bet 

Let us assume when you begin the game by betting 1 unit, and lost the round, then jump to the next unit in the sequence – 1. If the same outcome appears this time too, move on to the next number which is 2. If it’s your bad day, keep on betting through the list of numbers in the sequence, which is 3, 5, 8, 13, 21 and so on, until a win occurs. 

In Case of Won Bet 

If it is your lucky day and you bag a winning on the very first number from the sequence, do not move further, but get started with the whole sequence once again and bet with the unit 1. While if you come across a winning in the middle of the sequence, move backwards by two places and reduce your betting amount likewise.

Betting Unit Status Outcome
1 Lost Bet moved to the next number in the sequence (1)
1 Lost Bet moved to the next number in the sequence (2)
2 Lost Bet moved to the next number in the sequence (3)
3 Lost  Bet moved to the next number in the sequence (5)
5 Win Bet will go backwards by two numbers in the sequence (2)
2 Win  Bet will go backwards by two numbers in the sequence (1) and the chain is finished.


In the above table, we have the demonstration of the Fibonacci strategy in the game of baccarat. Here the players with total 6 betting hands lost 4 bets while won 2 bets following the Fibonacci sequence. This strategy forms an even bet since both the lost as well as the winning hands form 7 units (lost hand units – 1+1+2+3 =7 & winning hand units – 5+2 =7). 

Advantages and Disadvantages of The Fibonacci Strategy


  •  The Fibonacci is a modest approach that makes things much more manageable. With the help of this is betting system you will be able to keep cool and maintain your concentration level in the game that further help you control the things. 

– It is a simple betting strategy that suggests following your losses and helps you prevent gambling addiction, by keeping your emotions under control. 


– The system is not feasible for long-term play. 

– You can easily reach your table limit or exceed the bankroll amount without completing the sequence.

 The Risk Factor in Fibonacci System in Baccarat

The Fibonacci system does contain a risk factor, which is the unending series of losses that can clean your bank account before you even realize. Therefore, you need to act as an attentive player while using this strategy in the game. 

Does Fibonacci System in Baccarat Also Work in Online Casino?

To be honest, this betting is more suitable for the land-based casino than an online casino. You cannot expect massive wins via Fibonacci strategy when playing online on a casino like Leo Vegas or Jackpot City. However, if you are fine with smaller but constant wins, you can certainly try hands on this betting system. 

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