Overview: Baccarat and Its Strategies

Numerous players in the world are in love with the game of baccarat. It has made its appearance several times in bond movies and is a very popular game. With the revolution of the online casino now the game can be played virtually at the comfort of your home and this has made the game more popular and payable by various players. The online version of the Baccarat offers the same version of excitement to players as does a game at a physical casino. The bonuses and few tweaks here and there have made the game more interesting. 

Now before you sit down at any online website to try your hand at the game it is important first of all to understand the game, it working and mainly the strategies which could help you win the bet. 

How to Play Baccarat? 

Out of all the table games, you can find at a casino Baccarat is the simplest and is made for the beginners. The game requires a very low level of skill especially in the game where dealer controls the card. The main aim of the game is to get to a total closest to nine depending on the two cards drawn by the player and the dealer. Aces, Tens and face cards carry the value of zero and cards from 2 to 9 carry their face value. If the value of the first two cards exceeds 9 then a total of 10 is deducted from the total. Nine is thus the highest hand you can have in the game. The second highest hand will be a 10 or an 8. In Baccarat it is not possible to bust the hand like in Blackjack and the dealer must hit based on the outcome of the cards.  

Types of Bet

The first step towards winning is avoiding a tie bet. But first, let’s jump into the details of how a bet works and what kind of bets are there.

The Banker bet: When designing a winning strategy this looks like one of the safest bets. It is advised putting your money on banker because it is considered to win more than 50% of the times. This is the only reason that the casino adds a 5% commission on this bet. 

The Player Bet: Although a banker bet is considered the safest but some things change when you are using a strategy, not everybody bets on the banker. When betting on the player there is no commission thus the chances of winning are more. Players often devise a mixed strategy to maximise their winnings. Despite the lower odds, it could be a better option when playing with the system as he amounts to be won is more. 

Tie Bet: This is the game with the lowest house edge. The tie bet is the only thing which has a big house edge and most of the bet goes to the casino in such cases. It is not a good call to put the money on a bet which is going to result in a tie. 

Some strategies and tips to win better at the games may help you get through the game and enjoy the earning. These tips are: 

The one-sided Baccarat Strategy

Taking a stand of only one of the people i.e. either the banker or the player may look like a very simplistic approach to the game. But this is a powerful strategy which can keep you going in the game and will keep you hopeful. This is dependent on the fact that during a game player and banker both at some stage do gain an advantage over the other. This occurs regularly in at least 6 out of 10 shoes. So, if you keep placing your bet the chances are you will get the advantages at some point. The key is to stand your ground even if the bet goes against you. But never allow yourself to lose more than 3 in a row. 

Beware of the banker, people mostly bet on a banker but the result is not always as good as they believe. 

The Switch Combat

Now while betting if you lose two consecutive hands you change the trend and start betting on the other. If you are going into losses the first step is to minimise the losses only after that one could look forward to maximising their winnings. While betting in this method you’ll benefit from both the trends and the control of the game will be in your hand. 

Flat Betting Strategy

Unlike the positive and negative progression where the bet amount is altered each time. Flat betting works in a way wherein each successive round the bet amount is kept the same. It means you’ll play the same wager in each successive round. This is advantageous because the risk of losing a high stake is low. This method is often opted by new players who are learning to play the game. Winning more from a flat betting strategy is hard but you can win only in one way that is by determining which hand will win. 

The last thing to be kept in mind is that this is game of chance there are almost no use of counting cards in this game as it hardly helps. The edge is so low that instead of card counting it is better to focus on the cards and play the game. 

Online Baccarat has been becoming a popular game. With the shutdown across the country, there has been a boost in the online casino industry and Baccarat being a simple game is one of the player’s favourite. Now that you have understood the basic and some strategies of the game it’s time to try your hand at the game at an online casino. Wondering which the right place to practice your skills? You can opt for the popular gambling avenues like Jackpot City and LeoVegas, to try your luck and make a fortune using these strategies.  So, wait no more and get indulged in a play today.


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