What is the future of slot machines?

Slot machines, known to produce games of chance for the players, have a huge fan base around the world. Slot games in land-based casinos or web-based casinos form a massive part of revenue. Hence, the casino operators and software providers have been consistently working hard to improve the slot gaming experience over the past few years, to continue to attract the players. However, when it comes to luring the millennials towards slots, it’s getting quite tougher for land-based casinos. Unlike their predecessors, this generation is showing less interest in slot machines, which made the casinos realize that the slots machines have to undergo evolution to meet the requirements of the young and the coming generation. 

But what exactly should slot machines accommodate to accomplish the demands of millennials? Well, we all know that technology can do wonders, and the same is the case with slot machines. There have been some interesting proposals suggested by the experts to make slot machines more interesting and accommodating. 

Current State and Advancements in Slot Machines Over The Years 

Currently, the slot machines are doing well in online casinos. People from Baby Boomer and Generation X are still attracted by the existing slot machine, but there is a visible gap in millennials visiting these gaming avenues, which is making the software developers worried. 

The developers have brought several noticeable changes in slot machines over the decades. Slots have been revolutionized from ages, the first evolution in slot games was brought in the 1960s, which kept on going till present. 

Video slots 

The players had to manually pull a lever since the slots were operated in mechanical reels until 1960. Bally, one of the oldest software developers, offered its first electronic reel slot in 1963. Afterwards, in 1976, the California gaming company introduced a slot game which was operated via Sony tv featuring both spin buttons and electronic reel. 

Progressive Slots

Progressive slots were introduced at the beginning of the 1980s, which feature jackpot amounts that keep on increasing with each bet. 

Free Spins 

Earlier, slot machines didn’t offer any bonuses. The first-ever form of bonus offered in slot machines was slot free spins. Generally, free spin bonuses get activated upon landing three or more scatter symbols on the reels.

Online Slot Games 

In 1994, online slot games stole the attention of the slot lovers, since these became available for free play. With this facility, the players could participate in classic slot games without stepping out of their homes. 

Slot Machine Trends Expected in The Future 

Integration of Live Play and Social Media with Slots 

Incorporation of social media and live play in the slot machines can prove to be a game-changer in the casino industry. The manufacturers of slot machines are inspired by the idea of the internet, which allows the players to share information and gameplay in machine promotions. We are expecting huge prominence on live streaming slot games, and the technology is already available in the industry. 

Skill-Based Games 

Slot Game manufacturers realized that the young generation needs much more than simply spinning the reels over and again. This realization gave birth to skill-based slot machines, where a degree skill is required to qualify the bonus round. 

In these games, the players are provided with an option to opt between free spins or skill-based rounds after triggering the bonus. The skill-based round brings a mini-game where the players have to use their skill-set to bring the winning odds. 

Virtual Reality in Slot Games 

VR is an advanced technique used by operators to make the players feel the real action. This technology is already being used in online slot games. World’s leading developers NetEnt and Evolution Gaming have released several VR slots. NetEnt was the first to release a VR-equipped slot game. The re-launch of Gonzo Quest is one of their all-time popular gaming options. 

Sports Betting in Slot Games 

There are two types of gamblers, first who love playing casinos  games and others enjoy betting on sports. Gambling establishments also divide sportsbooks and slot floors in the same way. However, merging these two sections will bring more convenience to the players. This way the players can place sports bets and spin the reels all together in one place. 


The operators of online and land-based casinos have to think and implement some out-of-the-box ways to attract more players to slot machines.

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