What is RTP in a casino?

Online casino is an umbrella term that consists of more than hundreds of terminologies. Understanding the meaning and functioning of each of the terms is vitally important to make the informed gaming decisions and ensure the smooth gameplay. RTP is among one of those imperative terminologies that help in determining the chances of winning by calculating how high the payout percentage of a game is. This article highlights all the basics of RTP, what it is, how to calculate it, and lots more.   

What Is RTP?

RTP is an acronym of “Return To Player”. The RTP percentage helps in determining the average payout of a casino game or a slot in percentage. In other words, RTP shows how much of the wagered amount on a casino game will be paid back to players after a specified time. The standard RTP is set around 95 or higher percentage. The higher the RTP percentage is, the more often the win while playing a game over a longer duration. 

RTP is just a theoretical statistical calculation, so don’t depend on it completely”

RTP is not the only parameter that reflects the winning potential of a game. There will be big random wins. It cannot be applied to the long streaks of losses. It shows only the average estimation. Just understanding what is RTP is not enough. To get well-versed about this term, it is important to learn how exactly it works.   

To get an idea of expected RTP, you can consider it as the flip side of the house edge. For example, if a house edge for a specific game is 4%, then its RTP could be considered as 96% (100% – 4%). But, it is just a theoretical calculation. In this way, you can think that a game with more than 100% RTP means that the specific web-based casino is running at the loss for a particular game. But, truth is that it is not always true due to the “variance” factor.   

How To Calculate RTP?

It’s quite easy to calculate the game’s RTP percentage. However, it depends on how much you have wagered. The mathematical formula to calculate RTP for a casino game is defined below –

Total amount returned to players / the player’s total amount bet = RTP of an online casino game


The total amount bet by gamers is the sum of the first bet placed by each player per round for the audited time for a particular casino game. However, the player’s amount returned is the net amount won by a player in each round. 

Please note that there is just the net amount won in the table games instead of being the amount bet in the return. The original bet is forfeited right just after making it in the video poker and slot returns. 

Where To Find The RTP Of A Slot?

The slot’s RTP percentage is generally mentioned in the game itself or in its introductory video. Most of the top Canada online casinos provide the relevant information of the slot and RTP to let players get aware of the game before playing it for real money. If it is not given on the casino site, simply search it on Google. You will get the best details on the website of the slot’s creator or other slot review sites. 

Who Sets The RTP Percentage?

The RTP of any game is decided by the freelancer, company, or a development studio that developed it. According to the industry experts and researchers, Return To Player is set in collaboration between publishers, online casinos, and the software provider studio. That is the reason why it is good to go with games offered at reputable sites and developed by industry-leading software providers.  

How To Prove If RTP Is Correct?

In the traditional gambling days, it was considered that gambling regulators demanded that just video slots are tested for their RTP before their actual release in the market. In September 2016, the Gambling Commission of the UK (UKGC) declared that all casino operators would have to monitor the performance of all games available in their slots lobby. Further adding on it, the commission stated that developers could have developed their games with deteriorating RTP over time. There could be multiple reasons for that. For example, mistake in the slot’s implementation, hidden code, errors in the operation, or some other technique.  

Factors That Influence RTP

As described above, the RTP of a game cannot prove its winning potential and the exact amount. The following are some factors that influence the RTP. 


Also known as variance, volatility is a vital factor that influences RTP. It is generally expressed as low, medium and high. It helps in determining how often to receive the win and how high it can be. High volatility slot does not pay out most frequently, but they pay bigger whenever they do. Low volatility slots are just opposite to high volatility slot. They pay out that frequently, but the wins will not be as large. Medium volatility slots are categorized in the middle of low and high volatility slots. The volatility of the high RTP slot helps in understanding the actual winning potential. It is mostly recommended to prefer games with a medium variance that offers the perfect balance between the winning frequency and their actual amount.   

House edge

The house edge describes how much of a player’s bet will automatically go to the online casino. Every game even with higher RTP leaves a certain percentage of the players’ wager for the casino’s profit. 

Hit frequency

The hit frequency of a slot game shows how often a win will be offered by a particular slot. It also does not hold 100% accuracy because it is just an average calculation over the higher number of spins. But, determining the hit frequency of a game along with its RTP can provide great help in understanding how good that game is to play and win.  

Do Low RTP Games Advantageous?

Selecting a high RTP game is mostly preferred by players. But, it is good to look for the slots with a lower RTP percentage. The biggest example of this is progressive jackpots that generally have slightly lower Return To Players. 

Higher the RTP percentage, more often a win will be provided over a long period”

It is generally advised to avoid slots or casino games with less than 96% RTP. But, that does not ensure the exciting gameplay. Hence, it is best to choose a game you love the most.   

Slots With The Best RTP

After that you have learned everything related to RTP, let’s look at the top Canada online slots with great RTP. 

Slot RTP Software
Ugga Bugga 99.1% Playtech
Mega Joker 99% NetEnt
Monopoly Big Event 96% – 99% Barcrest
Ooh Aah Dracula 96% – 99% Barcrest
1429 Uncharted Seas 98.6% Thunderkick
Jokerizer 98% Yggdrasil
Böb: The Epic Viking Quest for the Sword of Tullemutt  98% NetEnt
Blood Suckers 98% NetEnt
Kings Of Chicago  97.80% NetEnt
Wolfpack Pays 97.75% NextGen
Devils Delight 97.70% NetEnt
Magicious 97.60% Thunderkick
Wild Orient 97.50% Microgaming
Steam Tower 97% NetEnt
Immortal Romance 96.9% Microgaming


Please note that the table comprises the dynamic ranking list of top slots based on their RTP. It can be changed with the release of new slots. So, stay tuned with slots updated RTP.    

Is RTP Related With Win Frequency?

Most of the players used to do the mistake of considering RTP similar to winning frequency which otherwise is not true. The RTP of a casino game cannot be used to determine how often you have the potential to win. For example, slots with a lower win frequency pay out a big amount just once in a while. On the other hand, slot games with a higher win frequency mostly pay out more often but in comparatively less amount. However, both of these types of slots have an RTP of 97%.  

High RTP Online Casinos In Canada

Selecting the high RTP online casino site in Canada is an ideal way to improve the winnings. Jackpot City, Ruby Fortune, Royal Vegas, and Spin Palace online casinos boast the excellent payout percentage. Jackpot City, Canada’s #1 casino provides a 97% return for table games and 96% for slot machines. Royal Vegas also offers more than 96% average payout on all games, independently verified by an internationally approved testing agency – eCOGRA.  

Final Thoughts

If you are not interested in working on the mathematics calculation behind the RTP percentage of online slots, then do not worry. Gaining an insight into the internal programming of slot machines seems very difficult for players, especially beginners. Hence, it is worth considering reliable online casinos in Canada that post fully testified RTPs for slot games on their websites. Just make sure that it is verified by the trustworthy authorities of the online gaming industry.

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