Land-Based Casinos Vs Online casinos

As huge internet enterprises began to gain momentum in the early 90s, the traditional casino niche began losing ground among gamblers all across the world. Shortly after the first online casino was successfully launched in the year 1994, the demand for brick and mortar casinos started to decline. But they still managed to maintain a strong influence over old-school players who kept aloof from any new innovations in the gambling industry. Ever since two different branches of a casino business have been striving for supremacy and excellence in the gaming world. 

Both online and land-based casinos have their distinctive features: i.e., there are few disadvantages and advantages for those who opt to gamble there. This leaves players with a complicated choice when it comes to deciding on whether to simply Google some trustworthy online gambling site or instead, to visit a casino located just around the corner. Indeed, by far the major difference between the two of them is the actual location- the reality and virtual world. However, there are many more ways in which these two casinos vary from each other. Apart from this, the selection of gaming venues totally depends on what casino players are searching for, as well as their gaming preferences. So here we have laid out an overview of how online casinos and land-based casinos differ from each other. 

The Main Differences Between Land-Based and Online Casinos


The bonus payouts delivered by the online and land-based casinos are massively different. There is a much greater possibility for players to get bonuses at online casinos than at a land-based one. The issue is that online casinos have little rigorous wagering needs. For instance, if a casino delivers you a c$100 bonus, you are expected to bet the bonus amount at least 30 times, to get a payout. 


There is one more aspect in which land-based and online casinos differ is the kind of revenue they bring in. The amount of revenues given by the online casino industry has already gone beyond the profits of land-based casino enterprises and it seems the online casino owners are not going to stop.

Jackpot Amount

Virtual casinos are massively praised for delivering huge payouts which actually put land-based casinos in the shade. Brick-mortar casinos are more inclined towards delivering progressive jackpots that are a little smaller in comparison to those given by their online counterparts. 

Payout Time

There is also a startling contrast between real and virtual casinos, with respect to payout processing. When compared to online casinos, land-based casinos do better in this regard. At brick and mortar casinos, you can have your payout immediately, while with online casinos it can take many days. There are some online casino operators who utilize something known as a pending withdrawal period in their payment system. Such a peculiarity implies that the time that payout processing may take is unspecified, so it can take a massive time for the payment to be received by players. However, the “pending withdrawal” period is implemented by some online casinos, due to its high risk and convenience it presents to customer retention. 

Legislative Restrictions

Age restrictions are generally the only restrictions you can suspect at land-based casinos. So, most of the brick and mortar casinos let visitors from other countries or states to enter their establishments. By contrast, online casinos apply a little intense restrictive rule system. To get permission to operate, they require a license from a suitable governing body. For example, some residents of Belgium, Italy, UK, France, and Denmark can only play in online casinos that have the license issued within the respective countries. For the majority of the countries, it is a bit convenient, as there are worldwide licensing bodies. 

All things considered, the online casino does seem to be outdoing its land-based counterpart, in terms of the advantages and benefits it can deliver the players. The greatness of online gambling may lie in the more modernized and advanced approach to the operational process that virtual gambling enterprises are bringing to the audience. Even so, the traditional casino industry has managed to keep hold of its high-end status, while managing to remain demanding among some categories of avid gamblers.

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