Everything You Need to Know About Real Time Gaming

Gone are the days when the gamblers needed to travel to Las Vegas or any big casino state to enjoy the gambling. With the establishment of online casinos, the game has changed completely. No longer one needs to visit the gambling arena to experience the thrill of gambling. All kind of slot machines and table games are now available online with better benefits and with better ease of access to all the people. 

The current gambling market has been flooded with the online casino and all a player needs to do is a little effort of making an account and opening themselves for the vast arena of gaming from the table, slot, card to every other kind of possible gaming. Some of the major competitors in the market are providing great services but still have some pitfalls. RealTime Gaming is one of those providers that stands out of this crowd and its product have become so popular that one is definitely to come across one of these products while playing. 


The company has been in the gambling industry since 1998 and was found in Atlanta, Georgia. This all they mention on the website which is relatively odd for a company like RealTime Gaming. All the other companies who date back close to that time have a long-detailed page mentioning about their history, origin and how they have changed the industry. For a company of which so old and revolutionary in terms of gambling a short about page is indeed surprising. 

In 1998 the company saw a great opportunity in the online gaming niche. They soon developed a team of gaming professionals who allowed RTG to move into advance gaming software solutions. 


While it is difficult to find details about the company it is not hard to find out how the company run their business. The company is famous for its carefree attitude towards their software on who leases or buys them. According to many reviews, RTG sells their game to almost any operator and after the deal, they have no responsibility for how the game is used and what the operators do to the customers. 

Although the upside is that it is easier to get a license when compared to countries like the United States and the UK. Although there is not much to do about it apart from educating yourself and it’s not to condone RTG or their operator’s behaviour. It’s a risk you are willing to accept and must keep in mind while playing. 

What is special about RTG slots?

In most of the countries, online slots are banned, RTG here provides layers with a taste of freedom. RTG accepts players from the US and many other countries where games are banned and each game is tailored according to tea local market in different languages and accepting all currencies to make the game interesting and available for all.

The standard layout of an average RTG game is 5 reel 3 rows with 50 pay lines. The average bet range is quite low compared to other big slot games. The games are generally customer-friendly and offer free spins, bonuses and a lot of prizes. The game has different working like it could multiply winnings or in some game, it is also possible to move up to the new rounds. 

Video Poker is another thing which is also provided by RTG. The main light f RTG is the progressive jackpots and the payout which it offers. The rules are pretty simple and the odds are enticing which is what makes the game so popular with nearly 97% pay-out.

Pros of Realtime Casino

The software has a wide selection of games to offer with many poker games, video slots. With a lot of variety. A progressive jackpot is also one of the key features and when it comes to the available progressive slots available it is hard to beat RealTime Gaming. The casinos have the possibility of tweaking with software means no two software will be similar and the same goes for the developer.

Cons of Realtime Casino

The tweak to their software which RTG allowed has allowed some casinos to exploit this feature. The odds could be changed and this could put many players off. Thus, it is important to not just rely on RTG software but to check the reputation of the casino as well. Also, due to this fact, the software company has been into many controversies however that’s not the company fault directly. It is the casino who exploit freedom.  

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