What is RNG in casino slots?

We all are aware of the slots’ increasing popularity, but have you ever try to find out how the outcomes of these games are generated? Understanding at least the basics of the game you are playing is essential to become a high-level gambler and have a lot of fun while winning a good amount. The more and the better you understand the math of a slot machine, the more success you’ll gain. In this article, you’ll read about the fundamentals of very important slot terminology RNG and how does it affect online slots. So, keep scrolling down.  

What Is RNG?

The RNG, an acronym of Random Number Generator, commonly known as the brain of the slot machine, is a computer program that produces the results randomly. Even it is not just the brain of the machines, but everything. All the slot machines at online casinos including a video slot, progressive slot, or a classic slot operate using this computer program. 

In simpler terms, it is a microchip that creates numbers all the time even when no person is playing the slot machine. These generated numbers figure out the position of the reels. The machine shows the position of the latest number created by this microchip whenever a player hits the button or pulls the lever. No one can affect the gaming process and the numbers generated by RNG no matter what they are doing during the gameplay. For example, the payout ratio and hit frequency remain unchanged throughout. The RNG certificate of compliance of an online casino operator shows its transparency.   

Do not relate or confuse randomness with equality. The results can be random even when low-paying symbols land more often than others. For your more information, winning and losing streaks can also be random. They come out as an unavoidable element of the slot game. 

RNG Functions

As described above, the RNG keeps on generating the number even when no one is playing the slot game. It produces numbers each and every millisecond. The values created from those numbers are then translated into various combinations of symbols on the reels of the slot machine. Since the results are predetermined by RNG, there is no risk of cheating. The machine remains impartial and accurate all the time. 

How Do Online Casinos Use RNG?

Random number generator is mainly used for online games where there is no dealer. No, don’t take it wrong that it is not used by land-based casinos. Offline gambling venues also use them for virtual roulette, blackjack games, video poker, video slot machines, and keno. A value is assigned to each symbol on the reel. Let’s understand the RNG working with the following example. 

You’re playing a 5-reel slot machine game having 12 symbols per reel. The outcome of this game would be 5 different symbols as RNG come up with a 1-12 value for every 5 reels. You will receive the payout based on the chart if those five symbols will make a winning combo.  

What Is Hit Frequency?

Hit frequency is a number that tells how frequent a winning combination appears on the machine. It is established by RNG’s programming. The online slot machines do not have a memory of what was happened on the last spin. It is just an independent trial. Those predictions are based on the probability. Hence, it is worth considering a hit frequency. The higher the hit frequency, the more often winning combinations will render by the game. Mostly the hit frequency will be a minimum of 25%. But, it can be more than this. Always remember that it is not necessary that slots with a high hit frequency are the best machines to play online. 

Difference Between RNG Used In Land-Based Slots And Online Slots

Hardware Random Number Generators or HRNGs are used in the land-based slot machines. These are used as an external device connected to the USB port of the casino. While online one-armed bandits feature Pseudorandom Number Generator or PRNG. This is basically a program code created by software developers. The RNG software is based on mathematical algorithms that tell reels when to stop. Both kinds of random number generators start with “seed number” that creates a new, random number. This number then becomes a seed to provide more data to the complicated algorithm for the limitless repeating process.  

What Is Payback Rate?

It is the payback percentage of slot machines online and increases with the money fed into the machines. Slots having a higher hit frequency are generally referred to loose. Unfortunately, they do not come with a high payback rate. While, machines with a low hit frequency, known as the “tight” machines come with a better payout percentage. 

How To Ensure The Fairness Of Random Number Generators?

The software of all licensed and administrated online casinos are tested by 3rd party agencies. Established in Australia in 1993, Technical Systems Testing (TST) is an internationally known company owned and operated by Gaming Laboratories International (GLI). It is an independent accredited testing facility and consulting for online gambling and land-based casino operations. It audits gambling service providers and certifies them for accurate, safe, fair, and auditable gaming operations. TST is responsible for issuing certificates to all casinos whose gaming operations adhere to the industry standards and statutory requirements created by the reliable licensing jurisdiction.      

Before ensuring fairness, these companies perform all types of testing evaluations. Some of them are described below –

  1. RNG assessment
  2. Pari-mutuel system and lottery evaluations 
  3. Game and mathematics evaluations
  4. Constant random number generator or game payout validation and reporting 
  5. Poker system auditing
  6. Sportsbook, betting exchange or live dealer evaluations
  7. Penetration testing 
  8. Full security audits

The casinos that pass all these evaluation checks and testing will be given a little badge and certificate that reflects the fairness and randomness of their games. It ensures that slot machines satisfy the minimum payout percentages set by the local and/or federal authorities and gaming commissions. The games are not affected by outside variables such as pay-off size, VIP cards, number of credits in play, and lots more.  

Can A Player Cheat An Online RNG?

The answer is yes in theoretical terms. But, only a few people among the huge crowd can do that. Since random number generators are computerized algorithms, they can be hacked in theory. However, hacking the RNG is almost impossible practically. There was one incident when a player named Ron Harris developed a program in 2008 to guess the RNG result. Using that program, he was able to win a huge amount of money by playing Keno as a result. Unfortunately, his efforts could not pay him for the long term as he was punished with imprisonment. 

In the current days, the software of the most casinos is regularly tested by the 3rd parties for ensuring the authenticity and fairness of their RNGs. Alongside the TST company, there are many more testing agencies in the United Kingdom. It includes London-based company “eCOGRA” awarded the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) ISO approvals, “Gaming Associates” – a company providing an impartial service known for fair dealing, and North America based company “Verisign” recognized for the technical audits of RNGs and the iGaming industry.  

Influence Of RNG On RTP

Return to Player or RTP is a percentage that shows the average payout of a slot game online after a theoretical number of spins. It tells how much of all the wagered amount on the slot or casino game online will be paid back to the players over time. However, Random Number Generators are programmed to select specific combinations to receive a consistent RTP percentage. In September 2016, the UK Gambling Commission made it mandatory for all the online casinos to regularly monitor the RTP and performance of games to ensure genuine RNG. To do so, it is required to divide the total value of a game or a slot machine’s payouts by the total turnover. 

To put in simpler terms, the total amount a player is winning and losing in the casino game or slot, in the long run, is identified by the RTP, which can figure out by RNG. An authentic return to player percentage is published by the casino operator.     

Final Thoughts

Around 70% of the income of online casinos comes from slot machines as it is the modern form of gambling that is loaded with increasing fun, incredible animations, and special effects. Random Number Generator or RNG is the innovative advancement that let the outcomes produced randomly. The gaming boards and test laboratories of a particular licensed and regulated casino site will assure the randomness of all the games available in its lobby. The new slots are released after checking and auditing them regularly throughout their operating duration. Hence, there could be no reason to say NO to playing online slot games. Pick your favorite slot machine and start playing right away to create the best winning combinations. 

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